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Тюнинг Colt / Mirage / Lancer

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Много думал как завернуть, но товарищи из США сделали это так...

Выкладываю текст копи-пастом. если у кого есть время можно перевести на русский.


Information here within is on both coupe and sedan models for the years; 1993-1996 Mitsubishi Mirage/1993-1995 Dodge/Plymouth Colt/1993-1995 Eagle Summit, known as 4g {fourth generation Mirage}, and 1997-2001 Mitsubishi Mirages, known as 5g {fifth generation Mirage}; Henceforth, lovingly referred to as "Rage's."
This is a suggested guide and is not a required method for upgrading. It is opinion based on hands on experience, knowledge gathered from countless searches within the pages of MPF and other Mitsubishi based tunersites.

Mods will be broken into stages; Starting with mild to full modification.

Where to start?
What are your goals with your Rage? Show? Go? Ask yourself these questions. Having a plan and setting goals will make modding your Rage a much more satisfying experience. Most of us just want a nice, cool car for whatever reason.
This guide pertains to vehicles that will primarily be street driven, daily drivers with occasional track use. In other words; A nice, cool car!
- You will be advised to perform a search every now and again. If you don't know how, here's the how-to;
For your convenience, the search how-to appears as a global announcement sticky at the top of every forum. Use it well. Use it often!

What's out there?
The strongest aftermarket support for our cars come from;
RPW{Racing Performance Works} in Australia and PowerZone in Malaysia;
{Refer to these two sites often. Especially RPW.}
Domestic aftermarket support is very poor for our brand of car. Especially the 4g. It does support 5g Rage's a bit more, but poorly at best. All is not lost however; With a combination of what is available, parts from other Mitsu's, and some ingenuity, your goals for tunermirage stardom can be reached!

Some parts are cross compatible between generations, {4g and 5g} and across trim levels. {ES, LS, S, DL.} Some aftermarket products mentioned are listed as available, but have yet to be proven on our cars. This and other pertinent info will be pointed out as required either by a link, url, or directly.
- Most parts from the JDM {Japanese Domestic Market} Mitsubishi Evolution {Evo} 1, 2, and 3 will work on our 4g's, and Evo 4, 5, 6 parts work for 5g's. This will be pointed out within this guide as required. Info within the pages of MPF run rampant on this topic. Search and ye' will find!
- Import shops and/or direct purchase from overseas shops are your only options to acquiring these desirable parts. They often come up for sale in MPF as well.
- Some links will contain more listings of products for our cars. Do check 'em out!
- Wherever "eBay" is mentioned for Rage items, a search is required in their site; Said items within there pages are too numerous to list in this guide.
- Prices of aftermarket products WILL NOT be provided. That's up to you. You're the shopper!!!


* Stage 1 suspension mods would include replacing the OEM {Original Equipment Manufacturer} springs with aftermarket lowering/sport springs or a coilover sleeve kit and a front upper strut tie bar. You may opt to get a full tie bar kit that includes the rear upper and lower as well. All easy installs for beginner mods.
* Worthy of note is that suspension and chassis mods work across both generations of cars. This would also include Evo suspension and chassis components. Any differences will be pointed out as we go through each stage.

Performance Lowering Springs:
- Eibach: http://www.eibach.com/
Prokit: 1.4" front/ 1.0" rear PN:6030.140,
Sportline: 1.8" front and rear PN:4.3060
- H&R Springs: http://www.hrsprings.com/
1.3" front/ 1.2" rear PN:29508
- Sprint Springs: http://www.sprintspring.com/
1.8" front and rear PN:4200(4g) 4300(5g)
- Intrax Springs: http://www.intraxsuspension.com/
1.7" front/ 1.5" rear PN:55.1.024
- Whiteline Automotive: http://www.whiteline.com.au/
Control Kit front PN:72301A/rear PN:73023A
Flatout Kit front PN:73121/rear PN:73122
- Megan Racing: http://www.meganracing.com/
2.0" front/ 1.9" rear PN:LS-MM97
- Dropzone: http://www.dynamicautodesign.com/
1.75" front and rear PN:SPSP4300
- Goldline: http://www.goldlineonline.com/
1.75" front and rear PN:GPS-0703
- Progress: http://www.progressauto.com/
1.8" front and rear PN:401410
- Tokico: http://www.tokicousa.com/
HP Struts and Spring Kit PN:TOK-HPK327 (6603)
HR 1.4" front/ 1.0" rear PN: Unable to locate
- eBay: various generic no name lowering springs
- All these aftermarket springs work for both generations.
- They are all designed to be utilized with OEM style or the aftermarket shocks listed below in the Stage 2 mods. Some have restrictions or require slight modification. Perform a search in MPF or get info from the manufacturer site.
- It's recommended to go with an upgrade design shock with the above springs. However, if you must use OEM, then go with springs with no more than a 1.5" drop.

Coilover Sleeves
- Ground Control: http://www.ground-co...e.com/index.php
Coilover Conversion Kit PN:5540.01
- Arospeed: http://www.arospeed.com.my/
Arospeed Adjustable Coilovers PN:ARO660033
- OBX: Gravitation Coilover Kit
- eBay: Generic coilover lowering sleeve and spring kits

Strut Bars/Tie Bars:
- Cusco: http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/index.html
Type OS {5g} upper front PN:550540A
Type OS {4g} upper front PN:514540A
Type OS {both} upper rear PN:508514A
Type AS {5g} upper front PN:550510A
Type AS {4g} upper front PN:508510A
Type AS {both} upper rear PN:508511A
- Whiteline Automotive: http://www.whiteline.com.au/
Front Upper Strut Brace{5g}PN:KSB578A, Rear Upper{both}PN:KSB526
- eBay: Generic front and rear uppers, rear lowers and 4 point bars.
- Front and rear uppers and rear lowers from ebay are of the same primary style and design with slight variations and are made in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc. Not the real thing, but for way less expense; You can't go wrong.
- eBay 4 point front lower bars fit 5g chassis' with manual transmission, but require minor mods to fit automatic's. They are not confirmed to fit the 4g's, either auto or manual.
- It is confirmed that the Cusco one fits, but only the manual trans as well, and good luck in acquiring one!!!

Camber Correction Bolts:
- Eibach: http://www.eibach.com/
- Ingalls: http://www.ingallseng.com/
- Whiteline: http://www.whiteline.com.au/
- These are recommended to keep the wheel alignment in check; To quell extreme camber for a flatter tread angle and more even tire wear. Confused? Go here; http://www.discountt...foAlignment.jsp

* In addition to Stage one, for Stage 2 you'd want aftermarket OEM upgraded or performance shocks to go with those springs. This is usually teamed with a sway bar install.

Performance Struts:
- KYB: http://www.kyb.com/
- Tokico: http://www.tokicousa.com/
HP PN:HB2230(front left) HB2229(front right) HU2961(rear)
- Koni: http://www.koni-na.com/index.cfm?
Yellow PN:8610 1343Sport(front), 80 2714Sport(rear)
- 4g and 5g front strut mounts/hats are 2 bolt and 3 bolt respectively. They do not interchange. Rear mounts/hats are interchangeable between the two generations.

Adjustable Suspension Bars:
- Whiteline Automotive: http://www.whiteline.com.au/
Anti-lift/caster kit-control arm PN:KCA317X
Caster adjustment kit-control arm PN:KCA317
- Megan Racing: http://www.meganracing.com/
Adjustable Rear Toe Control Arms PN:MR-6185,
Adjustable Rear Camber Arms PN:MR-6186

Rear Anti-Sway Bar:
- Cusco: http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/index.html
3 step adjustable 16mm PN:550311BJ16, 14mm PN:550311BJ14
- Whiteline: http://www.whiteline.com.au/
3 way adjustable and non-adjustable 18mm
PN:BMR51Z(adjustable), PN:BMR51(non-adjustable)
- The rear anti-sway bar from an 2002-06 Lancer OZ Edition works on our cars. Here's the write up;
- Rear sway bars from an Integra and Miata have been confirmed to work on our cars. The fact that the track measurement matches our Rages makes it so. However, some minor bracket fabrication is required. Check it out; viewtopic.php?t=20993
- The "Miata" swaybar was performed on a 4g. The "Integra" on a 5g.

*Now you're getting serious. A great handling car must be a priority for you when you go this far. Full coilover shock assemblies with adjustability are next to install. Installation of components to stiffen the chassis and suspension allow the aftermarket pieces to do their job as intended. A fully tuned suspension shouldn't go without a front sway bar install. A roll cage stiffens the chassis at key points as well as providing safety in the event of crash or rollover. A track warrior you will be!

Full Body Coilovers:
- Tein: http://www.tein.com/...cts/s_tech.html
- Cusco: http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/index.html
Comp-S PN:550 600 A, Zero-1, PN:550 60E, Zero-2, PN:550 60L Cn, Zero-2R PN:550 60R CN
- JIC Magic: http://www.jic-magic.com/
- Toda Racing: http://www.todaracing.com/
Type FS PN:51500-CJ4-000
- D2 Racing: http://www.d2racing.com/
RS PN:D2-M111
- Ksport: http://www.ksportusa.com/asp/index.asp
Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover, GT Pro Damper System,
Version RR Damper System
- It is speculated that the D2 Racing coilover has many derivatives, also made in Taiwan, China or Malaysia.
These would include: Ksport, Racing Logic, G4, HotBits, Gab
- The D2's and all there derivatives are available for 4g two bolt design top hats.
- The Japanese brands listed are of the 5g three bolt design top hats.
Utilizing any of these on 4g's requires only that the strut towers be drilled to the 5g three bolt design. 'nuff said.

Suspension Bushings:
- Superpro: http://www.fulcrumsu...u/superpro.html
Polyurethane Bushings
- Whiteline: http://www.whiteline.com.au/
Performance bushings
- "If you are looking to buy Superpro poly Suspension bushings and are located in the United States you now must purchase through TEIN USA."

Chassis Stiffeners:
- Cusco: http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/index.html
Roll Cage Kits{both}from light duty 4 point to full race 15 point designs.
- Sparco: http://www.sparcousa.com/
Harness Bar Lancer Evo 2002-03 PN:30018
- Arospeed: http://www.arospeed.com.my/
Universal Door bars PN:ARO653005, Universal Floor bar PN:ARO653000
- URA: http://www.ultraraci....com/page16.htm
Fender bars, Room (Floor or Pillar) bars, Side bars, as well as Upper/Lower-Front and Upper/Lower -Rear Struts of different designs.
- Here's an URL that touches on this topic;
- Aftermarket Rage specific chassis stiffening components of this type stateside, to our knowledge, is nil. Custom is the only way to go.
- On occasion a JDM import shop gets these in, but it's a rare occurrence. However do check them every now and again. You never know!
- At this stage the items listed above would definitely benefit at the track. However, their addition on a vehicle that's primarily a street car, would render it an uncomfortable car to live with on a daily basis. If you're passionate about winning, then fill your boots. You've been warned!

Front Anti-Sway Bar:
- Cusco: http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/index.html
3 step adjustable 17mm PN:550311BJ17, 15mm PN:550311BJ15
- Whiteline: http://www.whiteline.com.au/
Lancer 2002-05 27mm heavy duty PN:BMF53
- Depending on the type of weekend track activities one partakes in, a front sway bar may be an unnecessary addition. However with that said, any serious racecar requires a fully tuned suspension and that would include a front sway bar.
- Here's a HOW_TO for an install of an OEM front sway bar on a 5g; viewtopic.php?t=897


*A performance brake pad install teamed with aftermarket drilled/slotted brake rotors is usually performed at this stage. Drop in a set of performance brake lines and enjoy the improvements!
*Brake mods mentioned in this and the next stages also work across both generation of cars.

Brake Lines:
- Goodridge: http://www.goodridge.net/usa/index.htm
Stainless Steel Braided-4g w/rear drums PN:26044, -5g w/rear drums PN:26045, -4g w/rear disc PN:26046, -5g w/rear disc PN:26047
- Techna-Fit: http://www.techna-fit.com/
SS Braided PN:MIT-1410
- Project Mu: http://www.project-m.../e/e-index.html
Teflon lines PN:BLM-002

Brake Pads:
- Hawk: http://www.hawkperformance.com/
PN:HB230Z.575(97) HB213Z.626(LS Big Brake)
- AXXIS: http://www.stoptech....ance_pads.shtml
Ultimate PN:Y001_ROT10904840-SY (site states 98+)
- EBC: http://www.ebcbrakes.com/
PN:UD602(UP TO 99) DP2830(99+)

- Powerslot: http://www.powerslot.com/
PN:726CSL(left) 726CSR(right)
- Brembo: http://www.brembo.com/US/
Blanks PN:25135
- DBA: http://www.dba.com.au/2006/default.asp
Standard Slotted Series: PN:413SL{left}/413SR{right}, Gold Series Drilled and Slotted: PN:413X
- ATE: http://www.ate-na.com/
PN:CW13703(4g15) CW18706(4g93)
- Custom rotors, be they the one's listed above or any sold in eBay, are available only for the vented LS brakes or anything better. If you've the small diameter solid rotor design, then your only option is OEM.
- For those with the small base solid rotor brakes, a switch to the '99-'01 LS vented front brakes makes a sound Stage 1 mod. Here's what's needed and how it's done; viewtopic.php?t=4292

*This is where you get more serious with stopping your Rage. Brake pad compounds and slotted,/drilled rotors more suited to track use, or a conversion to bigger and better brakes utilizing donated components from our big brother, the Mitsubishi Galant or our athletic DSM cousins.

- DBA: http://www.dba.com.au/
4000 Slotted Series: PN:4413SL(left)/4413SR(right), 4000XS Slotted and Drilled: PN:4413XS, Proton 260mm rear standard PN:410
- Project Mu: http://www.project-m.../e/e-index.html
- Powerslot- Frozen Rotors®: http://www.frozenrotors.com/
PN:726CSL(left) 726CSR(right)
- Cryogenic freezing, "brake rotors uses a deep-cryogenic process that permanently changes the atomic structure of a brake rotor at 300 degrees below zero." Advantages are that the, "brakes don't fade, rotors don't warp and they'll last two to four times longer."
- For more performance oriented brake pad selections, refer to the manufacturer web address' in Stage 1 Brake Pads, above.

Our Rage calipers are single piston design. Stage 2 steps that up to more powerful and efficient two piston designed calipers. These two piston calipers are obtained via donor parts from 2g Eclipses, Galants and Diamantes. Detailed and extensive how-to's for both Stage 2 brake mods front and rear, including donor parts required, can be found in these urls;
- It is mentioned in the How-to above for the front brake conversion of utilizing, "-94-99 Eclipse GSX, 00 Eclipse GT (not 01+) front calipers(possibly 99-00 Galant GTZ and 92-95 Diamante ALL) Pointing out the Diamante calipers; MPF member Poteau mentions that although the Diamante calipers do indeed bolt on directly, the Diamante brake lines do not. Diamante uses screw in style lines while our Rages use the banjo bolt style. Going with DSM calipers will avoid this issue as they utilize banjo bolt lines, as our Rages do.
- Evo I, II, III rear brake components bolt on to our Rages as well and is pretty much all that's mentioned in the rear conversion How-to. The wheel pattern however, are 4x114.3 and will require re-drilling to 4x100 wheel pattern.
- Utilizing the 3000GT brake master cylinder, as mentioned in the above how-to's, (1" from FWD w/oABS, 1 1/16" FWD w/ABS and VR-4) is recommended with the front brake conversion. However, it becomes a necessity when both front and rear conversions are installed.
- Obviously, aftermarket brake pieces from said donor cars can be utilized as well. See manufacturer choices in ROTORS and BRAKE PADS.
- MPF member, flynt offers up custom rear brackets to adapt 1g or 2g dsm rear calipers and 260mm galant vr4 rear rotors. Here's flynt's for sale url; http://www.miragefor...?...&highlight= - Here's a couple of install threads; viewtopic.php?t=32531
- Here's another build thread, only this one is the 235mm 4g rear discs to a 5g that had rear drums;
The build obviously applies to 4g's as well.

Complete Stage 2 Conversion Kits:
- RPW: 276mm Front Brake Kit, 260mm Rear Brake Kit
- RPW kits are built utilizing remanufactured OEM pieces from donor Mitsu's as mentioned above in the urls. Basically if your too lazy to source out parts and want clean, new looking components, RPW's kits are your alternative.

*Now we're talking serious brakes here. Complete aftermarket big brake kits; lightweight components, 4/6/8 piston design calipers, race compound pads; for killer stoppage at the track where you live every weekend! If you got the dough, this is the way to go. Or stop, if you will.

Big Brake Kits:
- Wilwood: http://www.wilwood.c...es/07/index.asp
Mirage 1997-99;
325mm{12.81"}/4 piston Dynalite calipers/front PN:14-MI-0046, 6 piston Superlite calipers/front PN:14-MI-0047
Lancer 2002-03;
4x114.3 wheel pattern/301mm{12.19"}/4 piston Dynalite calipers/front PN:140-7015
4x100 wheel pattern/323mm{12.72'}/4 piston Dynalite calipers/front PN:14-MI-0038
4x100 wheel pattern/301mm/1 piston PBR calipers/rear PN:14-MI-0040
- KSport: http://www.ksportusa.../brake_kits.asp
13" Procomp Front Big Brake Kit {4g} PN:BKMT080-831SO
13" Procomp Front Big Brake Kit {5g} PN:BKMT090-831SO
14" Procomp Front Big brake Kit {4g} PN:BKMT080-841SO
14" Procomp Front big Brake Kit {5g} PN:BKMT090-841SO
- Wilwood Lancer kits can be had with a mix and match of their performance brake components. The part numbers listed are only a few kits they make available for the Lancer.
- Lancer kits with the 4x114.3mm wheel pattern are required to be drilled to our Rage 4x100 wheel pattern before use. If drilling the hats on the Lancer kits to 4x100 make's you squirm, there are alternatives.
- You may opt to swap over the whole 4x114.3 wheel hub assemblies from a 3g Mirage or Evo I-III......OR.......
- MPF member, BMW88rider suggests a switch to the Wilwood PN:170-6288 4x100 hat for a Civic, which would put things right; Albeit, with a larger center bore and an unknown offset.
- The Ksport kits have not been utilized by any MPF member, so any confirmation of it's performance or installation is zero.
- A 4 bolt to 5 bolt hub conversion to utilize the many aftermarket brake components for DSM's and later Evo's is also an alternative as well for stage 3 brake mods. A few in MPF have done this. Here's a couple of urls that touch on it;


It bares repeating that domestic aftermarket support for our car's is very weak, to say the least. The strongest segment of aftermarket products for us, especially concerning engine components, comes from down under with the far east a distant 2nd.
- RPW: http://www.rpw.com.au/
RPW, located in Perth, Australia needs no introduction to those of us in this niche category of tunercars. Support for high performance parts and components for practically all Mitsus can be obtained from RPW. Shipping does add to the, already somewhat exuberant cost of RPW products. However, if you want the best, you're choice is clear!
- PowerZone: http://www.powerzone...y/products.html
This Malaysian based shop deals mainly with our offshore cousin, the Proton line of cars; Putra's, Satria's and Wira's. Practically the same as our 4g in every way, {Save for some cosmetic differences and the availability of a DOHC 1.8 engine!} PowerZone honed their chops on the performance development of the 4g15 based cars, so that's good for 4g 4g15 owners!

PowerZone to Malaysia is what RPW is to Australia. PowerZone products have yet to be purchased, proven or utilized by any stateside MPF members. From my time spent as a moderator for the Malay based 4gtuners, users of PowerZone products were very happy and waxed eloquently on there items often!

*These usually involve easy bolt on mods; Intake and exhaust are usually the first to be performed followed by a header install.

- Weapon R: http://www.weapon-r.com/english/
Dragon Short Ram Intake Kit 1.5 1990-03 PN:803-115-101
Dragon Short Ram Intake Kit 1.8 1993-02 PN:803-116-101
Secret Weapon SR Intake Kit 1.5 1990-03 PN:303-115-101
Secret Weapon SR Intake Kit 1.8 1993-02 PN:303-116-101
- Fujita: http://www.f5air.com/
SR Intake Kit {5g 1.5} PN:SR-2710
- Ractive: http://www.toucanindustries.com/
Air Intake Polished PN:SFM01
- eBay: various generic intake kits
- These "short ram" and "cold air intakes" replace the highly restrictive OEM air filter assembly and sound resonator box that resides in the fenderwell of our cars.
- SHORT RAM{SR}; Custom made or DIY;
An SR intake is usually designed with the air filter residing within the engine bay. Shorter tube length with a less restrictive aftermarket cone filter, in some cases have a power advantage over CAI's. However, at the expense of heat soak; A condition of ingesting hot air generated by the engine.
- COLD AIR INTAKE{CAI}; Custom made or DIY;
A CAI is designed with extra tubing which allows the air filter to receive its air intake from a source away from engine heat or outside the engine bay; Usually residing within the fenderwell, directly behind the front bumper, or behind and to the side of the lower radiator support.
- Some CAI installs require a trunk battery relocation;
- Caution must be exercised when a CAI incorporating lower air filter positions is used. Heavy rainfall and deep puddles may cause enough water to be ingested into the engine and cause a sudden catastrophic reaction known as HYDROLOC. Engines are made to ingest air and remove air. So is the human lung. Does that explain it enough?
- There is lots of info in MPF for the DIY intake mod. Many MPF members, past and present, have successfully done so with great results. A short ram intake is a relatively easy mod. A cold air intake will take a bit more thought and ingenuity.
- Here are URLs to some of the ingenuity that I mentioned;
Any number of sources will net you the pieces to rig up a custom intake.

- RPW: 4-1 Streetstyle Header{available for both engines and both gens}, 4-1 Race Design Header Kit{both engines; 5g only!}
- PowerZone: 4-2-1 Header{4g 1.5 only}
- OBX: http://www.obxracingsports.com/
4-2-1 Stainless Steel or Ceramic Coated.{5g 1.8 only}
Or go custom. Either way, it's gonna be pricey. 'nuff said!
- RPW's Race Series header includes a tuned flexpipe downtube.
- eBay has available many headers for the 5g 1.8's, all similar in design to the OBX one.

Custom made cat back from an exhaust shop is the only option here.
- Go with pipe diameters of at least; 2" for 1.5's, and 2.25" for 1.8's. For turbo; 2.25"-2.5" for 1.5's, and 2.5"-3.0" for 1.8's.
- Once again, any number of sources can net you the required pieces. Many in MPF have purchased a combination of one or all of universal muffler/high flow cat/resonator with installation done at their local mufflershop with pressbent pipes. At this stage, mandrel bends are not necessary.{If at all for a streetcar!}
- OEM or aftermarket systems for Evo's will fit our cars.
- It has been discussed that a catback system made for Honda EG hatch/coupe/del sol, works for our cars. Here's the thread;

*Mods at this intermediate stage still deal primarily with bolt ons. A little more is involved, but still somewhat easy to do.

Throttle Body:
A bigger throttle body allows your engine to get a bigger gulp of air which gives your engine increased throttle response.
- RPW: 51mm for the 4g15 {1.5L}, 55mm for the 4g93 {1.8L]
- The RPW TB's are OEM custom bored from the 4g15 46mm TB and the 4g93 50mm TB.
- Using the OEM 50mm 4g93 TB on the 4g15 is a sound and inexpensive upgrade that is a plug'n play bolt on.
- The TB from a DSM can also be utilized. However, using the 60mm one on a 1.5 is considered overkill. Here's the link to see how to put one of these on our cars; viewtopic.php?t=562
- MPF member, flynt, also offers to bore out your, or a supplied TB to 50mm for 1.5's and 55mm for 1.8's. His work is exemplary! I'm still rockin' with the 50mm one I got from him in summer '05!
- In order to reap the full benefits of a larger TB mod, it is recommended to port match it to the intake manifold. Here's the URL to tell you how it's done; viewtopic.php?t=6529
- Should a DSM 60mmTB be utilized on the 4g15 IM, you are warned that there's not enough metal to port match the 1.5 IM opening to the 60mm DSM throat. Doing so will seriously weaken that area for any use. Even port matching to 55mm is pushing it!

With all that air coming in from the intake and bigger TB, bigger injectors will provide the added fuel required to burn.
- RC Engineering: http://www.rceng.com/
- Once again our Mitsu big brothers can donate their parts to make us stronger! A simple step up to injectors from a bigger engine is all that's required; For 4g15: step up to the 210cc injectors from the 4g93, and for 4g93: step up to the 4g63NA 240cc injectors,{4g} and 4g94 2002-2003 Lancer 240cc injectors.{5g}
- Injectors DO NOT interchange between generations.
- It has been debated that at this stage in modding, whether or not a step up in injector size is even necessary. With my experience concerning this, I can state with confidence that teamed with the supporting mods mentioned in Stage 1, a step up in injector size is a sound mod and poses no issues or problems. Here is an URL that touches on this subject;
- At this stage it is absolutely unnecessary to go any bigger than the suggested step up size.
- Stage 3 mods and beyond will require even bigger injectors and our big brothers help us out once again. Everything from 275cc up to 510cc injectors can be had from other Mitsu's.
- Go here for more injector info; viewtopic.php?t=8717

Fuel Pressure Regulator:
An adjustable rising rate fuel pressure regulator will keep the ingestion of fuel in check for a smoother acceleration curve.
- RPW: Sard and adaptor
- PowerZone: Rising Rate FPR W/gauge {Also known as the Malapassi.}
- AEM: http://www.aempower.com/
Acura Integra fpr{Requires larger O-ring}
- Aeromotive: http://www.aeromotiveinc.com/
- B&M: http://www.bmracing.com/
- The necessity of an aftermarket FPR is another hotly discussed subject. There are many threads within the pages of MPF on this. Do a search with the keyword: fpr, regulator.
- The RPW and PowerZone fpr's are application specific to our engines. The Aeromotive, B&M, and AEM fpr's require minor fabbing or additional pieces to fit properly to our engines.

Adjustable Cam Gear:
An adjustable cam gear will allow you to play with the cam timing to get the most out of your engine.
- Fidanza: http://www.fidanza.com/
Adjustable Cam Gear{1.8L only}
- OBX: http://www.obxracingsports.com/
Adjustable Gear Pulley[1.8L only}
- RPW: Vernier camshaft gearset
- PowerZone: Steel Hub Adjustable Cam Pulley
- You can play with the adjustability, but for best results on a vehicle used as described in this performance ladder, retarding rather than advancing the timing is recommended.

Power Pulley or Underdrive Pulley{UDP}
- RPW: Aluminiun Under Drive Crank Pulley Kit{5g 1.5}
- Mythelogy: http://drexchan.foto...t/c1137619.html
Underdrive Crank Pulley{1.5 only}
- Unorthodox: http://www.unorthodoxracing.com/
Ultra S Pulley{1.8L only}
-eBay: various generic UDP's{1.8 only}
- UDP's for 4g15's are a recent development. RPW has yet to release them for sale, but has announced their intention to produce them; Albeit, for 5g's only. No plans as yet to include 4g's.
- The Malaysian made Mythelogy UDP has been available for a couple of years and are made for 4g13 and 4g15 Proton model cars sold there. As mentioned, virtually twins to our 4g's. Be that as it may, the Malay company selling them is unwilling to ship to our shores. He is unmovable on this, so don't bother if you're stateside.
- 5g 1.8 UDPs work on 4g 1.8's requiring only minor mods to utilize one. Here's the url;

Air Fuel Controller:
- Apex'i: http://www.apexi-usa.com/
- GReddy: http://www.greddy.com/
Emanage, Emanage Ultimate
- AEM: http://www.aempower.com/
- HKS: http://www.hksusa.com/
F-Con iS, AFR Type L, AFR Type D
- At this stage a piggy back fuel controller might be unnecessary, but utilizing one with all the engine mods mentioned thus far would allow you to tune specifically for them and extract the most from your combination.
- Bigger than suggested step up fuel injector sizes will require the use of an air fuel controller, otherwise undesirable run rich situations will occur.

- NGK: http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/
Spark plugs, NGK Blue cables
- Magnecor: http://www.magnecor.com/
Ignition Wires and Cables
- MSD: http://www.msdignition.com/
Super Conductor wires
- Unfortunately, their isn't an awful lot out there, stateside or offshore.
With our car's OEM inductive "inboard coil" distributor, low production numbers, and unpopularity, the aftermarket saw fit to neglect us.
Other than a set of premium plugs and cables, that's about it.
- The subject of utilizing CD ignition boxes and ignition amplifiers has been discussed in MPF and it's speculated that our OEM distributor coils are too weak to take on the added voltage of these items. However, some claim otherwise.
- Check out MPF's ignition buyers guide;
- An alternative is a DIY distributor mod that allows the use of aftermarket external coils and CD ignition boxes. Here's the URL;
- 4g1996 4g15 distributors are OBD II compliant and work on 5g 4g15's.
- The distributor mod has yet to be done on a 4g. Though the distributor conversion described is on a 5g, the procedures to perform the conversion on our car should be similar. Do it, convert one for me, and I'll buy it off you!

Phenolic Spacers:
- RPW: Phenolic Insulator Block Spacer, Thermo Block Throttle Body Gasket
- Made from a resin laminate, they in effect reduce the conduction of heat from the cylinder head to the IM; Which as we all know, cooler intake air = more power! They go between the head/IM and the IM/TB.
- One cannot expect dramatic horsepower gains from these; Only cooler intake temps.
- Here's a link for more info and a how-to;

*At this stage, we're diving into the internals within the head and block. A performance cam, beefed up internals, etc. On the intake side, perhaps a custom IM suits your build.
Mild? Wild? Fuel system will need upgrading and depending on the state of tune of your build, for a 4g15, the addition of a standalone air/fuel/ timing unit would be an absolute requirement.
When you arrive to this point, you might want to think about your goals with regard to engine performance. Are you keeping it NA? Is nitrous in it's future? Perhaps turbocharging? We'll touch on these subjects as we go along.
On highly tuned engine's, reliability becomes a concern. An upgraded cooling system and aftermarket oil system items will keep your motor running for the long haul.

Cylinder Head:
- RPW: Stage 1, 2, 3 Complete heads with or without cam, DOHC conversion.{5g 4g15 only.}
- PowerZone: Ported and Polished Cylinder Head{4g only}
- Custom service by machine/custom/tuner shop.
- Headwork usually consists of, multi angle valve grind, intake and exhaust porting, polishing of ports, combustion chamber cc'ing
- Items not listed such as SS stock or oversize valves, bronze hardened valve guides, hardened valve seats, retainers, rockers, etc are not readily available and would fall under the category of "custom" made to order. Re: pricey!!!
- Though oversize valves are part of the headwork equation, our Rage valve sizes are pretty much maxed out concerning allowable machining limits. This is so on 4g15's.
- RPW's DOHC conversion for 5g 1.5's has not been done stateside. Info on those that have can be viewed in Australian Mitsu tunersites. Try here; http://www.mogwa.org/ , here; http://www.lancerreg...r.com/index.php , or here; http://www.evocoupe.net/forum/

Camshaft and Valvetrain Components:
- RPW: Stage 1 {Available for turbo application}, Stage 2 {Available for turbo application}
- PowerZone: High Performance SOHC Camshaft
- Schneiders: http://www.schneidercams.com/
Custom order grinds
- Crower: http://www.crower.com/index.shtml
Custom order grinds
- RPW: valve spring kit
- Applications for cars in this performance ladder need not go higher than a Stage 2 cam. More radical Stage 3 and up cams are strictly for track vehicles only. You have been warned!
- It is recommended to utilize stiffer valve springs if the Stage 2 is used.
- PowerZone claims their regrind camshaft is compatible with the OEM ECU and increases power by 20%; All while providing smooth as OEM idle qualities. There is no confirmation or experience on this item in MPF.
- It has been discussed in MPF that the use of any aftermarket cam grind on our MAP based 4g15's, will have idle issues and standalone engine management is strongly suggested to quell these issues. Others claim to have had no problems with idle; One claiming no issues even without the use of a piggyback!!! The MAF 4g93's have no such issues and suffice with piggyback air fuel controllers.
Do a search on the topic using keywords; cam, camshaft, idle, standalone.

Custom Intake Manifold:
- RPW: Performer Series IM, Performer 4 Cylinder Dual TB, Twin Throttle Body Assy - 4cyl
- PowerZone: Tuned Air Intake Manifold
- Modded/custom made by machine/custom/tuner shop.
- RPW's list of available IM options go from mild to wild. The listings above goes as follows;
Performer IM /mildly worked over OEM for single OEM bored TB's
Performer Dual TB /fully worked over utilizing a custom twin barrel TB
Twin TB Assy /fully worked over utilizing two separate TB's and linkage
- The last two listings come's without the vacuum nipple, as most buyers use these for competition purposes. RPW will install these for those requiring them for street driven vehicles. Do your research if you're looking to use these!
- A mildly worked over OEM IM is better suited for a car described in this performance ladder, rather than short runner, big plenum race style one's.

*Pistons and Wrist Pins;
- CP Pistons: http://www.cppistons...64/Default.aspx
- JE: http://www.jepistons.com/
- Ross: http://www.rosspistons.com/
- Wiseco: http://www.wiseco.com/
- Arias: http://www.ariaspistons.com/
- Venolia: http://www.venolia.com/main.html
- Manley: http://www.manleyperformance.com/sc/
These piston manufacturers will make custom forged or hypereutectic pistons to order.
*Connecting rods;
- Crower: http://www.crower.com/index.shtml
- Eagle; http://www.eaglerod.com/
- Scat: http://www.scatcrankshafts.com/
- Manley: http://www.manleyperformance.com/sc/
- Pauter: http://www.pauter.com/4340_rods.htm
These manufacturers will make custom H-beam or I-beam rods to order.
- PowerZone: 4g15 stroker kit (1600cc}
- Scat and Eagle: Custom made to order.{Website locations listed above.}
*Strengthened Fasteners;
ARP: http://www.arp-bolts.com/
Main Stud Kit, ConRod Bolt Kit, Head Stud Kit{Available for 1.8's only.}
- The 4g93 ARP head studs are shared with the Toyota MR2 (91-96), Celica Head Studs - 3SGTE engine; for both gens of Rage 1.8's;
http://www.miragefor...hlight=arp 4g93
- Pistons from a Suzuki Vitara are an option for 4g15's. These pistons are being utilized in a couple of turbo 4g15 builds in MPF. Members RPW00mirage and NewRage1 are the pioneers. Look for their build threads in the TURBO forum.
- What you choose to do here at this point really depends on your pocketbook and how far you want to go. Utilizing all of these items would make for one bulletproof engine; Whether it's NA, turbo or nitrous, it'll stand the punishment, but in the end, you'll have forked out lots of unnecessary greens.

Crate Engines and Engine Kits:
- http://www.importper...mitsubishi.html
Mitsubishi HP Engine Kits
- RPW: Shortblock and Longblock Engine Assemblies
- PowerZone: Engine Building Services
- RPW will build you whatever you want. If you've got the greens, then go nuts.
- The Malaysian company, PowerZone's products have yet to be proven on our shores. The issue of Malaysian companies unwillingness to ship to North America makes it so.


Nitrous Oxide Injection;
- Nitrous Express: http://www.nitrousexpress.com/
- NOS Systems: http://www.holley.co...sp?division=NOS
- Zex: http://www.zex.com/
- For our purposes here, a single fogger wet system with a 50hp nozzle will do just fine, thank you!
- Lotsa' threads to search through on this topic. Keywords: nos, nitrous, n2o

- Ripps: http://www.rippmods.com/
Supercharger Kit
- Raptor: http://www.raptorsc..../kits.php?id=24
1.8 4G93 Kits
- PowerZone: Supercharger Kit w/ Charged Cooler System
- Go here for more info on supercharging;
- There is no information on the PowerZone kit whatsoever. The list of car applications matches our cars, but does not state for what engines , so there's no way of knowing if they work on our cars.
- A supercharger is more suited to larger engines and not recommended for such small displacement engines as ours.

- RPW: Turbocharger Kits /4G15/4g93{ 5g's only .}
- Custom DIY or custom/performance/tuner garage.
- Go here for info on turbocharging;
- RPW's kit can be purchased in Stages of 1, 2, or 3, from low boost street to high boost comp; as mentioned, for 5g's only.
- An aftermarket ready made turbo kit does not exist for 4g's.
- Any 4g turbo builds are few and far between. MPF member, Buffyfan custom turbo'ed a 1.8 4g93 coupe, and member, Alexpinoy did an install on his 4g15 sedan. these are the only 4g 1.5 and 1.8 Rages that I'm aware of.
- Most common turbochargers used in MPF for custom installs are usually new, used or rebuilt; Garrett, MHI, IHI, AirResearch, Turbonetics, eBay.....
- Here's an url discussing turbo's best suited to our engines;
- Most in MPF, have custom made their own kit and install.
- Here's an url to show what's required for boosting Rages;
- Member Zack had a storied, nevertheless, successful turbo install on his 4g15 using the RPW kit. It's on a 5g 1.5, but his turbo install would be very similar to 4g 1.5 applications;

Standalone Engine Management:
- Haltech: http://www.haltech.com/
E11, E8, E6
- Microtech: http://microtechefi.com/
LT12s, LT10s, LT8s
- Apex'i: http://www.apexi-usa.com/
Power FC
- HKS: http://www.hksusa.com/
F-Con V Pro,
- AEM: http://www.aempower.....aspx?BrandID=5
- Megasquirt: http://www.megasquirt.info/
- most in MPF have not gone so far as to utilize a standalone system. Instead they've found success in the use of piggyback systems. Their expense is a factor and wiring them requires knowledge of systems in modern cars.
- RPW has plug n' play harness' for the Haltechs that they sell, but I believe, NOT for 4g's.
- Though HKS, GReddy and Apex'i have excellent standalone engine management systems, their use on our Rages, so far as I know have not been attempted.
- Megasquirt is a less pricey component style kit that has been proven on many different builds and have been utilized with great success on previous generation Mitsu's; 2g and 3g in particular. I know of NONE with our cars. Do a search here at our sister tunersite; http://www.4g61t.org
- Megasuirt has been touched upon in MPF. Do a search. I'm sure you can figure out the best keyword to use!

Fuel Upgrades:
- Walbro: http://www.walbro.com/
255Lph FP, 190Lph FP
- Utilizing a FP from a Mitsubishi EVO or a DSM works as well and provides plenty of fuel for our modded Rages. You can buy 'em new or better yet; Buy a used one and save some greens.
- The OEM Mitsubishi EVO/DSM pumps are notably quieter than most aftermarket pumps.
- Here's a link for flow rate comparisons of the above mentioned fuel pump options;
- Bigger injectors will be required, especially if power adders are part of the equation. Refer to the Injectors listing in Stage 2 Engines.

Cooling Systems:
- Koyo: http://www.koyorad.com/
All-Aluminum Racing Radiator Evo 1, 2, 3{4g's}, Evo 4, 5, 6{5g's}
- C&R Racing: http://www.crracing.com/
- Griffin: http://www.griffinrad.com/
- Fluidyne: http://www.fluidyne.com/
- Be Cool: http://www.becool.com/
These manufacturers will do custom made to order units.
*Radiator Fans;
- Fluidyne: Thin, Ultra Thin
- Spal: http://www.spalusa.com/
- Flexalite: http://www.flex-a-li...auto/index.html
- Derale: http://www.derale.com/
*External Oil Coolers and Oil Relocation Kits;
- Hayden: http://www.haydenauto.com/
- B&M: http://www.bmracing.com/
- Derale and Fluidyne{Website locations listed above}
- PermaCool: http://perma-cool.com/
- The Koyo's above are apparently an easy fit to our car's rad supports.
- There are no Mirage specific aftermarket radiators. Again one's ingenuity will have to be employed.
- It's been speculated in MPF that utilizing an aftermarket Civic full or half size radiator is a possibility with some minor fabrication, though it hasn't been investigated thoroughly enough to pass it as doable.
- Utilizing a combination of an external oil cooler and oil filter relocation kit has been discussed in MPF as unnecessary. These urls touch on the subject;

- 5g's have a 180 degree engine orientation to the 4g's.
- 4g = timing belt/driver side, intake/passenger side
- 5g = timing belt/passenger side, intake/driver side
- 4g injectors will NOT INTERCHANGE with 5g ones. This goes for both 1.5 and 1.8's
- 4g injectors are longer and have a square clip. 5g's are shorter with a round clip
- 4g 1.5's have adjustable, mechanical or solid tappets/lifters.
- 5g's, with the exception of the '97's, have hydraulic tappets/lifters
- though the flanges match on the exhaust and intake manifolds, they cannot be interchanged without some fabrication
- 4g 1.8's have distributors, 5g1.8's have coil packs.

4G chassis vehicles;
4 cylinder gasoline engines:
1.5L - 4g15, 4g91
1.6L - 4g92, 4g92Mivec, 4g61, 4g61t
1.8L - 4g93, 4g93t, Proton 4g93DOHC
2.0L - 4g63, 4g63t
2.4L - 4g64
6 cylinder gasoline engines:
1.6L - 6a10
1.8L - 6a11
2.0L - 6a12
- By far, the most popular swap for the 4g chassis is the 2.0L 4g63t. There's many threads on this topic and a search within the pages of MPF is highly recommended if this swap is considered. Here's a sticky on it; viewtopic.php?t=32633
5G chassis vehicles;
4 cylinder gasoline engines:
1.5L - 4g15, 4g15DOHC
1.6L - 4g92Mivec, 4g18
1.8L - 4g93
2.0L - 4g63t Evo4,5,6, 4g94
6 cylinder gasoline engines:
1.6L - 6a10
1.8L - 6a11
2.0L - 6a12
2.5L - 6a13
- Go to the HOW-TO's & FAQ's forum for more info in the MIRAGETUNER-ENGINE SWAP FAQ
- Here's a good url that links to threads of many of the above engines for swapping;



Here, we look at simple bolt ons once again. Short throw shifters make for quicker shifts. Add a shifter bushing kit for even better feel! An engine damper assist in holding the engine in place between shifts for more efficient power transfer and feel.

- RPW: Standard Spec Short Shifter Kit, Rally Spec Shifter Kit
- B&M: short shifter{5g only}
- OBX: short shifter{5g only}
- Revo: short shifter{5g only}
- 4g shifter uses a metal base design and the 5g a plastic base. They do not interchange!
- Here's a write up with pics on the latter three short shifter listings;
- The RPW takes a complete OEM shift assembly and reworks it to perform shorter throws. This is the only custom shifter available for 4g's.
- many in MPF have done a simple short shifter mod by simply cutting a portion of the stick itself, which in affect, shortens the throw via a smaller fulcrum distance.

Shifter Cable and Base Bushing Kits:
- J. Pruner: Custom Ball Bearing Shift Cable Bushing Replacements
Check them out here;
- Mach V Motorsports: http://www.machv.com/
Symborski Shifter Base Kit
- Energy Suspension: http://www.energysuspension.com/
5.1102G DSM Base Bushings
- LancerShop: http://www.lancersho...ome.php?cat=114
Kits for both bushings.
- A write up and how-to for the install of these is right here;
- Here's a shifter base bushing how-to with pics on a 5g;
The install procedures are the same for the 4g.

Engine Damper:
- Kingsmart: http://www.kingsmart.com.hk/
Damper Kit
- Ingalls: http://www.ingallseng.com/
Stiffy Damper universal
- Weapon-R: http://www.weapon-r.com/english/
Engine Torque Damper kits
- Silk Road: somewhere in Japan!
Kits for EvoI,II,II and Evo IV,V,VI.
- eBay Generic Dampers
- The Kingsmart is a dedicated kit utilizing an actual shock/strut body damper. Check it out here;
- NSCreations are MPF members MonkeVI and innocntb who dabble in fabbing custom items for our cars. Instead of a shock body damper, they use a sway bar link. These may not be available anymore. Contact them to inquire of availability. Here's a link to a pic of there design;

*Now we're looking into more immediate level mods. If you've not the wherewithall to take on these mods, you might want assistance from an experienced buddy or leave it to the pro's.
A performance clutches quicker engagement and higher clamp loads will get that power to the ground for better track times and quicker shifts. While you're at it, stick in a lightened flywheel for improved rev capability and throttle response! Beefier engine mounts ensure the power transfer is complete.

Clutch Kit:
- ACT: http://www.advancedclutch.com/
- Centerforce: http://www.centerforce.com/
Dual Friction, Centerforce II
- Spec Clutch: http://www.specclutch.com/
Stage 1, 2, 2+, 3, 3+
- The first entry for each of the clutch manufacturers listed above would be more than sufficient for up to stage 3 NA and mild turbo applications

- Fidanza: http://www.fidanza.com/
Aluminium and Chromoly Performance Flywheel
- The aftermarket segment for custom flywheels to our cars is miniscule, as you can see by the single entry. Custom made to order is your only other aftermarket option.
- You may opt to get your OEM flywheel shaved at a machine shop to remove some unwanted weight. It is recommended not to remove too much material as this would compromise the integrity of the flywheel mating surface. here's an url that touches on this subject;
- 1.8's have more aftermarket options. Check out this url to see how;
- Addition of a lightened flywheel will lessen torque levels at lower revs. Not so much that you're losing power. More in the way that the OEM heavy flywheel's centrifugal intertia assists in keeping the engine spinning.

Stiffer Engine Mounts:
- RPW: Performance Polyurethane Motor & Transmission Mounts
- Energy Suspensions: http://www.energysuspension.com/
Performance Polyurethane Motor Mounts
- Prothane; http://www.suspensio...import.htm.html
- RRM: http://www.roadraceengineering.com/
Lancer Mounts and custom made to order.
- Many in MPF forgo the use of aftermarket options for less expensive DIY alternative mods to the motor mounts These include incorporating, window weld, nylon cutting boards, hockey pucks, poly inserts as well as good old fashion fully welded metal ones. Here's a link for a how-to on the window weld procedure;
- the following threads touch on the various motor mount mods;

*Same applies here as in Stage 2, but you'll need more specialized tools.
An LSD will get the power to the ground to both drive wheels. If you're into serious drag racing with slicks, then perhaps you're a candidate for beefier axle shafts and CV joints.

LSD differentials:
- Quaife: http://www.quaife.co.uk/
- Phantom Grip: http://www.phantomgrip.com/
- Cusco; http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/index.html
- Kaaz: http://www.kaazusa.com/home/Home.htm
- LSD from our overseas cousins;
CA4A Helical LSD

Axle Shafts and other Drivetrain Components:
- Components of this type for our cars are unfortunately unavailable from any aftermarket manufacturer. Custom made to order is the only option. Here's a couple of places that will build said custom axles;
- Performance Mitsu's have options here. However, Evo and DSM axle shafts won't work on our 4g and 5g transmissions without major custom fabbing. Here's a couple of urls that touch on this;


Transmission Coolers
- TCI : http://www.tciauto.c...oducts/Cooling/
- Perma-Cool: http://perma-cool.com/
- B&M: http://www.bmracing.com/
- Derale: http://www.derale.com/
- Aftermarket shift kits or higher stall torque converters are simply not available for Rage automatic trannies.
- If you race your automatic tranny Rage, an install of a transmission cooler is recommended. Here's some info on 'em;
- This thread touches on automatic transmissions;
- Many MPF members just live with it, or do the AUTOMATIC to MANUAL Transmission swap;

4G chassis
F5M21 5spd manual 4g15
F5M22 5spd manual 4g93
F3A21 Automatic 4g15
F4A22 Automatic 4g93
5G chassis
F5M41 5spd manual 4g15
F5M42 5spd manual 4g93
F3A41 Automatic 4g15
F4A42 Automatic 4g93
- The 1.5 manual trans utilizes a clutch cable assembly where as a 1.8 manual trans utilizes a hydraulic clutch system.
- With 4g93 1.8's; a swap from the automatic to the manual 1.8 5spd will require the use of the hydraulic assembly.

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Отправлено 30 Июнь 2011 - 03:02

Может чуть не в тему, но интересует меня такой вопрос. Купил на днях С58 1.8 GTI 1990г , после диагностики, чистки топливной, и замены всех ремней и фильтров, приговор суровый- мотор труп(компрессия 8, 5.5, 5, 11). Так вот штудируя форумы пришла идея сделать 2 литра но не могу найти хоть намека влезут ли в 4g67 поршня от доховского 4g63 из например 33 галанта GTI??? Прошу сильно не пинать.Жду обоснованной критики и советов.

#11 AlekseyEnergo


    А я что я просто

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Отправлено 30 Июнь 2011 - 03:21

Ну в принципе да. А так не знаю.
Давай фото Авто, очень интересно посмотреть на еще один экземпляр умирающего вида.

#12 Alex_81



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Отправлено 30 Июнь 2011 - 03:29

Почему мотор сразу труп при таких показателях? Может голову надо отремонтировать и все будет гут?
Про мои самобеглые коляски на Драйве

Подкрылки, локеры, коврики, защиту картера для иномарок искать здесь.

#13 Keanu


    Активный участник

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Отправлено 30 Июнь 2011 - 04:00

Нет же,поршня от галанта Е33 GTI невсатнут в 4G67 блок.Надо слифовать цилиндри под поршня от галанта,но голову оставь лудше от 4G67,там лудше фази распредвалов.

#14 AlekseyEnergo


    А я что я просто

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Отправлено 30 Июнь 2011 - 04:30

Он и думает Шлифовать голову с заменой поршней. И поршни поставить от 2х литрового. Автор Фотографию хочу.

#15 GreenGo



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Отправлено 30 Июнь 2011 - 04:40

Почему мотор сразу труп при таких показателях? Может голову надо отремонтировать и все будет гут?

Может и раскоксовка запросто помочь.

#16 Keanu


    Активный участник

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  • Год: 1991

Отправлено 30 Июнь 2011 - 05:25

Не голову шифовать,а сами цилиндри висверливать под 85х88,измер поршней галанта Е33,клипси D22.

#17 CarbonBlack GTI

CarbonBlack GTI


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Отправлено 05 Июль 2011 - 08:01

Я конечно коль недавно купил но, простите, родился не вчера, понятное дело что точить блок прийдется. Я почему спрашиваю, просто не видел блок изнутри и не знаю хватит ли стенок для безопасной расточки до 85,0......
Дело именно в ШПГ а не в голове, т.к. при замере компресии пробовали масло заливать замер показал существенный прирост и коптит она на холодную пипец, а как прогреется гораздо скромнее.
Собственно вот:Прикрепленный файл  IMGP4495.JPG   519,28К   394 Количество загрузок:Прикрепленный файл  IMGP4497.JPG   528,7К   467 Количество загрузок:Прикрепленный файл  IMGP4498.JPG   516,98К   409 Количество загрузок:Прикрепленный файл  IMGP4501.JPG   525,48К   305 Количество загрузок:

#18 karolanton



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  • Интересы:иногда на меня что-то находит и делаю небольшую нарезку из известных мультиков под какую-то музыку, получается что-то вроде клипа
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Отправлено 05 Август 2011 - 02:09

тюнинг крутой. хочу ещё аэрографию сделать. позерство).

#19 Goga



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Отправлено 07 Август 2011 - 05:22

Вопрос, возможно, дурацкий, но не нашел ответа сам.
Есть кольт 4g13 мотор. Купил пару недель назад.
по ходу, в ближайшие несколько месяцев светит капиталка. всплыл вопрос - можно-ли на него поставить 16-клапанную голову и что надо менять вместе с ней?
С контрактным движком не хочу заморачиваться - если 1.6 впихивать, расход хорошо подрастет, а у меня в среднем 150 км\день наматывается. Есть возможность фактически за пиво откапиталить ( + з\ч, конечно) неспешно и есть надежда на замену только колец, а заодно и о голове думаю.

#20 Инженер



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Отправлено 26 Август 2011 - 10:23

Возможно ещё и поршни.

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